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How much money, honey?

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I love Ottawa and the small businesses are the secret sauce that make this place boss.

I start every job under the assumption that a wicked window could be a game changer for the business, and that's that. 


That's why the last weekend of every month is reserved and booked on a first-come-first-serve basis for Pay-What-You-Can jobs. 

When you reach out to me about a project request, I guarantee you won't be hit with a sales pitch. I just need to hear what you'd like done and where, I'll then reach out with some concepts and work with you on the design and project timeline. No funny business. Learn more about the process below.

Because Affordable Art is a Thing of Beauty

Pricing: Welcome
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Consultation: Always free

Simply snap a photo of the window you'd like transformed. I'll present digital sketches for your consideration, and together, we'll fine-tune until we achieve your ideal design.


Estimates: Always free

I offer free estimates, with pricing that includes all supplies, materials, and labor. Each piece boasts impressive longevity, ensuring great value for your investment. While costs vary based on design intricacy and size, most projects are completed for under $350.

Removal: Free, or flat rate

When you're ready for a fresh window transformation, I've got you covered! If I'm painting a new artwork design on a window where one of my previous pieces resided, I will happily remove the old art and clean the window at no extra charge. It's all part of the seamless service to keep your space looking wickedly vibrant. However, if you're simply looking to return to a clear view, I offer a flat rate window paint removal and cleaning service for just $75. I'll carefully remove the painted artwork and ensure your window is spick and span, ready for whatever comes next. It's all about keeping your windows wicked-cool and wonderful, without any hassle.

DIY Removal: Save some dough

We're always happy to come remove the paint, however, some business choose to embark on the paint removal process themselves - it's easy peasy and super satisfying. A brief soak with some soapy water and a few passes of a razor blade gets the job done. However, if you prefer the expert touch or come across any challenging areas, Wicked Windows Ottawa is always at your service to ensure your business windows are spotless!

Pay-What-You-Can: Available on the last weekend of every month

Wicked Windows can transform your business's appeal. If our standard pricing feels out of reach for your independent operation, consider our pay-what-you-can slots. Book for the next available last weekend of the month and decide your price, no questions asked.

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