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Second Annual Pick-Your-Donation Fundraiser

At Wicked Windows Ottawa, we're more than just about art; we're about heart. Giving back to our community is fundamental to who we are.


Complete Transparency, Absolute Generosity

It's our second annual Pick-Your-Donation Fundraiser, and here's how it works:


  • For projects completed in November and December, we provide our time, materials, and wicked hand-painted art – all at no cost.

  • You decide what amount you'd like to pay.

  • Every single penny that you pay goes directly to a charitable organization in our community.

With Wicked Windows, it isn't just about proceeds – it's about giving back to support those in need.

This Year's Recipient: Options Bytown

Options Bytown stands out in our community, dedicating its efforts to assist and uplift individuals. When you choose Wicked Windows Ottawa for your seasonal storefront designs, you get more than just an artistic transformation. You also play a part in supporting a cause deeply rooted in our community's spirit. Options Bytown isn't just a charity—it's a beacon of hope for many in Ottawa. Their commitment to providing shelter, support, and hope aligns with our vision of a close-knit, caring community. We all deserve a home. This season, let Wicked Windows Ottawa enhance your space with custom window paintings and chalkboard art, all for a great cause.

Get Involved

Whether you want a holiday-themed design, a winter wonderland, or something entirely unique, reach out to us. Together, we'll create something beautiful for your storefront, and for our community.

Grab your spot on our waitlist for a surprise warm weather session, or book now for indoor art that gives back!

Options Bytown Logo
Wicked Windows Ottawa's Owner & Lead Artist, Steph Youngdale (on left), presents a donation to Cornerstone Housing for Women.

Last year's recipient:
Cornerstone Housing for Women

In 2022, over $1,200 was donated to Cornerstone Housing for Women thanks to your generosity and this charitable initiative.

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